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 Postdoctoral Fellowship Position — Stanford University

 A postdoctoral fellowship position is available immediately in the laboratory of James Brooks in the Department of Urology.  The laboratory uses genomic approaches to understand urological malignancies with the goal of developing biomarkers that can be used in clinical management.  The project focuses on understanding alterations in protein glycosylation using genomic approaches with the goal of understanding whether altered glycosylation can modulate immune response to prostate and kidney cancers.  The project is a collaboration between the Brooks laboratory and the laboratories of Sharon Pitteri and Carolyn Bertozzi.  The Pitteri laboratory uses Mass Spectrometry to study proteomic and glycoproteomic changes in cancer, and the Bertozzi laboratory studies immune modulation modulated through Siglec receptors.  The ultimate goal is to test whether Siglec receptors are biologically relevant to prostate and kidney cancer, whether they correlate with clinical outcomes in clinical samples, and whether they could represent potential targets for immune modulatory therapy.

The successful candidate should be highly motivated and hard working, with outstanding past research success and publication history, with an MD, PhD or MD/PhD degrees, and very strong references. Previous experience in cancer research, molecular biology, biochemistry and animal models would be valuable, but is not essential. The position is fully funded through the NIH.  Interested candidates should contact Dr. Brooks at [email protected].

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