Annual Meeting Program

Program Sneak Peek

The committee is excited to announce the Society for Basic Urologic Research 2018 Annual Conference entitled, “PRECISION MEDICINE IN UROLOGY: MOLECULAR MECHANISMS, DIAGNOSTICS AND THERAPEUTIC TARGETS” which will be held November 8-11, 2018 at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, CA. This year’s conference will focus on the emerging markers, treatments, and clinical tests in benign and cancerous urologic disease that have resulted from a greater understanding of key molecular pathways driving disease genesis and progression. Topics of discussion will include, but will not be limited to:

  1. Basic mechanisms of steroid hormone receptor-mediated transcription;
  2. Molecular pathways and molecules driving urologic disease pathogenesis and metastasis;
  3. Alternative AR-targeted therapies and mechanisms of treatment resistance;
  4. Emerging targeted therapies in bladder, renal, and prostate cancer;
  5. Emerging prognostic and diagnostic markers in urologic disease;
  6. Phenotypic heterogeneity in benign urologic disease;
  7. Genetic predisposition and health disparities in prostate cancer;
  8. Emerging technologies in urologic research including single cell genomics, metabolomics, and digital image analysis


We are looking forward to many great presentations and cross-disciplinary discussions, and are pleased to announce the following list of confirmed speakers (in alphabetical order):  

  • Steven Balk, MD, PhD (Harvard Medical School),
  • James Brooks, MD (Stanford University),
  • Jason Carroll, PhD (Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute),
  • Artem Chekasov, PhD (The Prostate Centre, Vancouver General Hospital),
  • Jennifer Doll, PhD (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee),
  • Stephen Hammes, MD, PhD (University of Rochester School of Medicine),
  • Hannelore Heemers, PhD (Cleveland Clinic),
  • Gary Hon, PhD (University of Texas Southwestern),
  • Rick Kittles, PhD (City of Hope National Medical Center),
  • Beatrice Knudsen MD, PhD (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center),
  • Natasha Kyprianou, PhD (University of Kentucky),
  • John Lieske, MD (Mayo Clinic),
  • Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD (Columbia University),
  • Nora Navone, MD, PhD (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center),
  • Kenneth Pienta, MD (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine),
  • Isaac Powell, MD (Wayne State University),
  • Gail Prins, PhD (University of Illinois Chicago),
  • Paul Rennie, PhD (The Prostate Centre, Vancouver General Hospital),
  • William Rickie, PhD (University of Wisconsin Madison),
  • Claus Roehrborn, MD (University of Texas Southwestern),
  • Shinichi Sakamoto MD, PhD (Ciba University, Japan),
  • Kenton Sanders, PhD (University of Nevada Reno),
  • Arun Sreekumar, PhD (Baylor College of Medicine),
  • Douglas Strand, PhD (University of Texas Southwestern),
  • Zhou Wang, PhD (University of Pittsburgh),
  • Anna Woloszynak-Read, PhD (Roswell Park Cancer Institute), and
  • Shu-Yuan Yeh, PhD (University of Rochester).